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Film Face Plywood

Specification of Film Faced Plywood

(1). Film color: brown, black or others

The most common film is brown film or black film . In China,

(2). Quality of Film :

In China, there are 2 classifications of film: Local film and imported film . Local film means films made by Chinese companies. Imported film means film made by foreign companies, like Dynea . Dynea film is the best film brand in China. 

(3). Core: poplar, hardwood, Eucalyptus, birch

80% of film faced plywood we are selling is poplar film faced plywood , which is high quality and price is competitive. hardwood film faced plywood will use hardwood or eucalyptus veneers. 

(3). Glue: MR glue, WBP(melamine), WBP(phenolic)

MR glue is commonly used for plywood / film faced plywood / blockboard
WBP glue is commonly used for WBP plywood / film faced plywood

(4). Size: 1220X2440mm, 1250X2500mm,1830x915mm, or 4′ x 8′, standard size, large size, big size, special size

We produce sizes according to customers’ requirement. 

(5).Thickness: 9mm-30mm (9mm / 12mm / 15mm / 18mm / 21mm-50mm )

We supply very thin film faced plywood as 9mm and thickest plywood up to 50mm. This is our advantage.

(6).Packing: Standard Packing.

Our packing is standard seaworthy packing  .

(1) Construction industry: film face plywood,shuttering film faced plywood, concrete form, shuttering concrete form, formwork plywood

Film faced plywood is mainly used for construction . So film faced plywood is also called shuttering film faced plywood, concrete form, shuttering concrete form . Because of this end use, customers usually want WBP film faced plywood , which is more suitable to be used as shuttering for big projects . However, some customers require MR film faced plywood , which are to be used as shuttering for ordinary projects .

(2) Anti-slip film faced plywood: flooring materials for building vehicles, work platforms.

According to the types of face/back, film faced plywood can be divided into smooth film faced plywood and anti-slip film faced plywood. Anti-slip film faced plywood are usually used as flooring materials for vehicles, trucks and platforms .

(3) Film faced plywood can be used for shelves and furniture, too .

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